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Mini-Quantum Tek mCCR

Detailed description of the base unit :
- Aluminium Frame
- Head with ADV, head provided for up to 4 sensors
- Counterlung (10 l volume) with valve
- Gauge pressure (2x)
- Complete breathing loop with mouthpiece and X-Con connection
- Transparent scrubber (2.5 kg volume)
- First stage regulator Din 5/8 (x2)
- Oxygen booster with leak valve included
- "Dive Rite" BCD and Hardness
- Glass fiber cover (one color)
- Flowmeter Oxygen controller (for leak valve adjustment)
- Cylinder strap (x2)
- Oxygen Sensors (x3)

Mini-Quantum Tek mCCR is a "Soft" complete and manual (mCCR) version of High Tech Mini-Quantum eCCR.
The Mini-Quantum Tek mCCR has a variety of innovations from eCCR Mini-Quantum.

Mini-Quantum Tek mCCR represents :
Simplicity / confidence / diving comfort
Options :
Build your own...
- Fisher connection wire (for computer or Nerd)
- 2 Oxyscan on a console                                                      
- Spx42 computer trimix from Submatix with Fisher connection                             
- Diluant Booster Mp hoses                                                    

Build a rebreather with your own option and receive a quotation

 Unit base

 Fisher Connection Wire
 Fisher Connection Wire + SPX 42 Computer
 Oxyscan on console
 no option

 Diluent Booster + Hoses
 No other than O² booster (included)

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Phone : +1 (786) 728 7470
Location : Tavernier
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