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Carbon Fiber Rebreather
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What's new ?

Mini-Quantum is the result of 15 years of rebreather development.
The Mini-Quantum rebreather has a variety of innovations, ideas and experiences that were materialized.

Specifically designed for travel, Compact, the Mini-Quantum is rugged, lightweight, innovative and intuitive !

Mini-Quantum represents :
Simplicity / confidence / diving comfort / suitable for travel

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Fully Customizable
Customized to your needs
Make it your Own rebreather

All Submatix rebreather use SPX42 computer and have an optional FISCHER connection to another computer (Example: Shearwater)

Main features overview :
We are here
Général Manager : Pascal GAGNEUR
Phone : +1 (786) 728 7470
Location : Tavernier
Florida USA

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