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Scooter DPV :  Diver Propulsion Vehicle

By the development of the new Torpex scooter were new paths trodden. New ideas and technologys came to the application.
•      robustness
•      reliability
•      easy handling
•      modularity
•      adaption to military requirements were at the forefront of development.
In result is the Torpex scooter one of the most modern and powerful types of DPV.
The Torpex scooter is driven by one  4.5 KW  senseless triphase hubless ring motor.
3 propeller blades on the rotor inside  ensure an optimum power transmission from the engine power to the water. In this construction the center from the drive are free.
No engine transmission , motor power direct from the motor to the water , Cooling of the propeller bearings by water in the air gap.
Handle:                for right and left hand driving
Modular:               custom made versions possible
Display:                 OLED display ( option )

Performance :
Static Trust :  from 75 kg to 150 kg
Max Deep :    200 m
Speed :          from 4 Kn to 6 Kn
Runtime :       from 180' to 200'
Voltage :        58 v
Amp :             from 96 A to 222 A
Watt Battery : from 5500 w to 12800 w
We are here
Général Manager : Pascal GAGNEUR
Phone : +33 6 73 09 09 05 (France)
Location : Tavernier
Florida USA

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