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Carbon Fiber Rebreather
Submatix US
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- Autonom Breathing System
This sidemount rebreather is the result of 15 years of rebreather development.
ABS is the product of year of innovations, ideas and development.
It was originally designed as an additional rebreather of Mini-Quantum.
Used today as Sidemount rebreather. It is the sole sidemount rebreather in carbon fiber.
Ultralight / Strong
Makes you travel with your gear !

Details pictures
All Submatix rebreather use SPX42 computer and have optionnal FISCHER connection to a wide rande of computers avaiable on todays market (Shearwater....)

Main features overview :
We are here
Général Manager : Pascal GAGNEUR
Phone : +1 (786) 728 7470
Location : Tavernier
Florida USA

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